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The bar is open from seven in the morning and offers a variety of products and areas to suit your fancy. There is a tapas bar, wine and ham bar, juice bar, and a cocktail bar stocked with a range of local beers! Whether locals, neighbours, or Skylodge residents, everybody gets together at the bar to have fun and enjoy the entertainment. There is even a collection of board games to share a quieter moment together.

Skipped your lunch to make the most of the slopes? Feeling a little peckish during the day, or just fancy settling down on a sun lounger? Get yourself a sweet or savoury snack at the bar! Afternoon snacks are served between 15:00 and 19:00! Happy Hour starts as soon as the skiing stops, from 16:30 to 19:00!

To guarantee a good atmosphere, music concerts and events are planned throughout the season! Find the events calendar here.

Are you staying with us? Thanks to your connected Skylodge card you can not only access your room and hostel services, but you can leave your wallet in peace. Use your Skylodge smartcard to pay. You can keep an eye on your spending throughout your stay.

The bar is obviously accessible to everyone, whether you are a hostel customer or not!

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